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S16 Chapter Markers not Exporting Correctly

  •  12-24-2013, 21:48

    S16 Chapter Markers not Exporting Correctly

    Been a while everyone, but have I created a disc project in S16 with a main menu and a sub-menu with seven chapters.   Everything sets up correctly and plays back perfectly in the simulator.  Create image works fine and Burn image also, but the DVD when played, Chapters 1 and 2 start where they were set to, but all other chapters start anywhere form 2-4 seconds into the clip (video) from where the chapter marker is set  (begining of clips).

    I have reviewed many posts and it sounds as if there is a known bug is S16 causing problems like this.   Does anyone know if there has been a fix (S17?) or has anyone had similar problems like this.   I have even tried to place additional clips with various durations to compensate for this problem, but it's trial and error and wastes a lot of discs.   If anyone has a work around solution it would be great to hear about it.     Also, I do have 16.1 patch installed.

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