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Re: Studio 17 Patch Number 2 has been released

  •  12-19-2013, 6:52

    Re: Studio 17 Patch Number 2 has been released

    OK... hello everyone!   First post...

    Q1:  On a brand new Ultimate 17 install today (upgrading from 14), after installing the program is this the only patch I should install or should I also do the patch, as well?

    Any other patches or things I should download and add to this new install? 

     Q2: What are the important Studio 17 files to manually back up?  For example, the Library database file in particular.  (I assume this is where the details for virtual "corrections" to Library assets are stored, etc.)   Yes, I have been doing some reading, including trying to work through the 300-page manual, since I know the difference between 14 and 17 is pretty significant.

     I may not even actually install today as I am still in "reading" mode.  I did already save the Installation instructions that Déclic Vidéo and  Le Papy put up.


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