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Re: Studio 17 is now available

  •  10-29-2013, 12:34

    Re: Studio 17 is now available


    Some "more serious" questions:

    • Advertised 10x increase in rendering speed for H.264 projects - compared with what?
    Than if you selected the MP4 option rather than Smart.
  • Which older Studio versions qualify for the upgrade version?
  • Same as before probably - 9 and upwards. In fact, it doesn't look like I needed to enter an old serial number, but that could be because I have old registrations hanging around in the Pixie folder.

  • Does the download use that peer-assisted download software (PMB) that hangs around in your PC after the download without so much as the courtesy to ask whether you actually want to make your downloaded files (and network bandwidth) available to others?
  • ]I bought the full download version and can't actually find a trace of it on my machine - probably because I had all the files. However, that's not to say you won't get it by downloading the trial or running the install disc. But you can just uninstall it, can't you?
  • Can PS17 open projects created by older versions of Studio - PS16 - Avid Studio - PS15 and older without scrambling them
  • I've tested some complex S16 projects which all seem OK.

  • Do Pinnacle-supplied "Ultimate" and "Ultimate Collection" plugins (+ 3rd party ones) from earlier versions of Studio (that did work with PS16 still work in PS17?
  • There seems so little different about S17 that I'd be very surprised if they don't, but I can be sure

  • Can the Library on a PC currently running Avid Studio or PS16U be migrated/imported into one running PS17U?
  • If you install S17 over S16 it will automatically use the S16 Library. So the format should be the same.

  • Can PS17U author DVDs having more than 99 chapters in total (Avid Studio and PS16 cannot, older versions (10/11/12/14/15) can)?
  • The entire disc menu authoring system looks identical to S16, it doesn't look like they have done anything new there

  • Can it do synchronised editing with footage from several cameras ("multicam")?
  • NoMy review is here http://www.pinnaclestudio.info/page2
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