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Betreft: Timeline ruler freezes on one frame

  •  10-28-2013, 5:50

    Betreft: Timeline ruler freezes on one frame

    I sometimes encounter a similar problem in Studio 15. When working in the timeline, I cannot move the ruler back past a certain clip. Also in the other views, it is impossible to view earlier clips. Although I can select clips further back, the ruler stays at the beginning of one clip and the preview is played always from that point. It happens only with large projects.

    I found a work-around. If I insert a new clip somewhere in the beginning of my project and then remove it again, then the ruler moves back to the insertion point and I am able to use the ruler again in the normal way. Maybe this also works for you.

    Another work-around, which does not always solve the problem for me, is to play backwards from the middle of the "frozen" clip.

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