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Re: Error message when launching Studio 15 - 'No IRQ driver selected"

  •  09-30-2013, 11:16

    Re: Error message when launching Studio 15 - 'No IRQ driver selected"


    Does anyone at Pinnacle or elsewhere know whether Studio 16 suffers from the same "No IRQ driver selected" problem as Studio 15?  If Studio 16 fixes that problem, I would be willing to upgrade from Studio 15.  If not, then it's time to change programs entirely.  Any insights?  Thanks!

    Have you gone through this lot yet? http://forums.pinnaclesys.com/search/SearchResults.aspx?q=%27No+IRQ+driver+selected&g=7

    I don't know. Guessing that Windows OS IRQ (Interrupt Request) prioritizes program loads according to their IRQ number priority. If there's no Studio IRQ Driver? Then  Windows can't load it.

    ADDED - Ignore that. Since Windows has already Loaded Studio Embarrassed

     IMO,  Windows is still looking to prioritise. There's  a System Pop-up which I can never immediately find when I need it, giving various Program Options EG; let Windows Decide. It may be that is related to the IRQ priority which works in tandem with another Widows function, which I can't remember It's few years since I last Posted on the subject. 

    If I have time, I'll check-out my PC "Bible" (1000 pages Indifferent). I think it has an explanation. 

    If you have an S15 Program Disk, Copying it to your Desktop & Running the Setup EXE File from there "might" over-ride that Error Message. 

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