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H.264/mpeg.4 to DVD

  •  09-14-2013, 14:04

    H.264/mpeg.4 to DVD

    Hi I'm having problems with a holiday video that I edited in S14 and then burn to DVD

    First the video is in H264/MPEG.4 format and have edited to a finish project and when I burn to DVD the moving pan shots are very stuttering but everything else is OK . I'm I right in thinking that it has to be converted to mpeg2 and can I do that in the finished project form , also there is other pieces of video from a car cam as well in the project [ which is ok on finished dvd ] would this be an added problem when converting. Thank you for any help. cheers


    PS.  I should have added I need this in normal dvd not HD dvd [Bluray]


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