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Re: Disc Intro Marker Not Accurate

  •  08-31-2013, 16:07

    Re: Disc Intro Marker Not Accurate

    Bob keen:

    I suspect that someone will come up with a simple solution to this, but I seem not to be able to find it myself.

    When I create a new disc which has an intro video preceding it, it does not quite load the menu at the correct point. There is about a second of the start of the movie before the disc menu appears. I have checked the positioning of the marker and it is at the correct point.

    Any ideas please?

    Did you try leave a small gap (3 sec's) between the intro video and the start of the movie, That seemed to work for me, on my current project.

    I also notice, that the chapters are not in the right spot (1-3 secs early). it's quite frustrating having to through them all manually adjusting them all, then making a new image, checking them and adjusting some more.  My current projects is a 2 hour bluray, anaglyph  blu-ray, a 3d blu-ray and two 1 hour dvd's (wedding and reception) and I have to go through them all. The dvd ones seem to be in the correct positions.

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