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Re: setting format before creating movie

  •  08-27-2013, 20:31

    Re: setting format before creating movie

    One more question:  When I select Make File, I can only create an MPEG-2 file, DVD compatible, 720X480.  I can save the video to my computer and access it from my HD-TV.  But it looks like it will still be 720X480, unless there is a way to make it 1280X720?

    What does the Preset mean?  I have it set at DVD Compatible.  I noticed that I can change it to HD720p and the width changes to 1280X720.  Is this how I can create a movie in 1280X720 and save it on a DVD at 720X480? 

     I did set the Setup to HD 1280X720! 

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