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Re: setting format before creating movie

  •  08-15-2013, 14:31

    Re: setting format before creating movie

    Thanks for your reply.

    I started with some pictures, then added some video.  The pictures and video were taken on my  Cannon PowerShot SX20IS, but I do not know the format.  How do I find that out?

    Sounds like I have no choice but to use mpeg-2 with 720x480 resolution.  But if I am viewing it on a HD TV, can I change the same video to use a higher resolution, or would I have to re-create the video in the higher resolution format?

    Any idea where I can find a clear, simple description of all of the choices in Set Up for different video settings in Project Preferences?  I am not technical, and have tried to find explanations, but they only confuse me more!



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