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setting format before creating movie

  •  08-13-2013, 12:31

    setting format before creating movie

    I am having a difficult time figuring out what output format I should set before I create a movie.  

    First of all, I am using Studio 14.  When I go to the Settings -  Make File window in Make Movie, I understand that this must be set before starting the movie.  I have been creating movies with File Type of MPEG-2, and DVD Compatible.  My problem is that when I watch the movie on a TV, the bottom (and I think the top) of the pictures are cut off.  Also, the quality of the display is very poor on my video. Why can't I change the Resolution to greater than 720 x 480?  I am really confused as to the different choices, both in File Type and Preset.  Can anyone tell me what the settings should be for good viewing on both a computer and DVD to HDTV?

     My first try at creating a movie was in 25 frames/sec, and after creating it I found out that it had to be 29.97 frames to be viewed in the USA, so I had to recreate the movie!  What a job!!!  Now I am wondering if I have other settings that I should change before creating a movie, but frankly, I can't find anything that clearly explains the various settings!

     Also, could someone give me an explanation of the different choices under these two format settings?  I have tried different ones, but from what I have read, I must set these before creating my movie, that they can not be changed after it has been created!  I really can not understand the reasoning behind this, since one might want to create the same movie in different formats! 

    Please help me before I make my next movie?


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