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Re: fuji 3d video will not export as 3d only 2d

  •  08-08-2013, 15:07

    Re: fuji 3d video will not export as 3d only 2d

    Hi thanks for responding.  Well I am trying to upload about 45 seconds of material (250 mb) to the BOX for your perusal.Its taking forever.

     Anyway what my testing shows now is that with 6 clips  (4 stills, 2 video) the second video will go 2d no matter what sequence i use.  The same video will be good 3d if I move it to a different spot.  I am using anal-graph for now to make it easy to work with but i get the same results with side by side.

     I am exporting to mpeg 4  at HD 1080p into anal-graph for this test but i have tried just about every format with the same result.  oh the audio track doesn't seem to make a difference.  My player is an nvidia card with power dvd cyberlink 13 however the problem is apparent with analgraph so the side by side 3d output feature doesnt seem relevant..  I ultimately was trying to get a blue ray disk for my hi def tv.

     Very frustrating. Hours spent to no avail.

      Oh not sure how to add you as a collaborator on the box.  If it ever loads i would need that.

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