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fuji 3d video will not export as 3d only 2d

  •  08-07-2013, 13:50

    fuji 3d video will not export as 3d only 2d

    I have a vacation I am trying to create a 3d dvd for.  After a week now messing with first roxio (kept crashing) and now pinnacle I am still not there.  Now i can create a 30 minute movie in pinnacle with a combination of 3d still and 3d video clips.  I tell it one by one that the video is really fuji which it does not recognize by itself. However after telling it that all the previews within pinnacle plus show perfectly as 3d.  

     All fine but then the trouble starts. On exporting to an mpeg 4 file or directly to a disk image the stills come out fine in 3d but the 3d video is only 2d.  I have tested short segments of mixed fuji 3d still and movie as well as 2d and the mpeg4's come out fine.  However for my 30 minute project i get no 3d video.

     Have looked for some switch i turned wrong when creating the edited clips but cannot find one.

     Any ideas?? 

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