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Re: MP4 files and Liquid 7.2

  •  07-22-2013, 2:25

    Re: MP4 files and Liquid 7.2

    Thanks Lew.  You are always on it!!  I did some more checking on this camera and found that the underlying MP4 compression is h.264 - RATS.

    However, I did find a couple of file-based dslr cameras that should work given the HD file formats they record.  Namely the Pentax K-5 II and the Samsung Galaxy NX.  Both get relatively good reviews.  I tried sample footage from the Pentax on a Liquid timeline and it worked great - imported with gray slices!  Now I'm looking for some sample footage taken with the Galaxy NX.  If I find some, I will post on how it works with Liquid.

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