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Re: (Changed title) DIVX export will not play back in Windows Media player in Windows 7

  •  07-05-2013, 14:27

    Re: (Changed title) DIVX export will not play back in Windows Media player in Windows 7

    Thx to all  for your interest  :-) I will try to answer to your questions

    " ......and in any event the particular peculiarities of your PC appear to cause it to create non-standard DiVX formatted files ..... "

     I don't think it's my PC but PS16.... Because when I export the same file with PS15 plays perfect (even on WMP.....) and the details tab of properties is complete

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/sddf004kkssy4dr/2nd-Sky-Dvix-PS15-OK.avi   (its a 40MB file - 40.759.636 bytes)

    On the exact same file exported with PS16 the details tab of properties is blank and you can play ONLY with VLC...

     https://www.dropbox.com/s/26iwgtflm4xfumv/2nd-Sky-Dvix-PS16-problem.avi     (its 42.899.369 bytes) 


    " ... what advantage is there to you in the proprietary DiVX format... "

    I already wrote on my 1st post :  " ..... I want to export the project to a DIVX format file for a quick-inspect  on TV via an DVD-player with USB port. That trick was OK with pinnacle 15... but not with pinnacle 16...."     I'll try give some more infos :

    I used to watch the video I'm working for on my TV because somehow its different from my monitor... But the TV its not in my room and its not equiped with DNLA... So I found that's easier to export my work on a Divx file, write it on a USBstick and play it on my TV with the mean USB port of DVDplayer.... Now everything its more complicate...  I copy the DivX file I create on a shared folder on my PC,     I connect my TV with my laptop via a HDMI cable       and I'm  playing the file on my laptop with VLC .... 


    " ..... VLC -- which is able to play most anything -- does not play this file.... "

    Strange... Try the direct link  (I suggest not to click on the link,   but do a right-click and then Save link as...)

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/glnh8dn8x41m71q/Sky%20Dvix%20PS16%20problem.avi (its 29.949.238 bytes)


    " ... So what gain makes this worthwhile ? .... "

    No gain at all.... Just I would inform the forum  about a bug I encounter.... What else?


    Currently I'm using PS16 and PS15 on Win8/64 and thats my working OS. (on profile there is no win8 option for OS, but I wrote it as comment)

    All the notes I wrote apply on PS16 (loaded with all available updates) running on Win8/64.  

    Also I will try to install PS16 on Win7/64 to test it again,    since jjn found that the detail tab on his PC its OK  


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