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Studio 11 upgrade install (serial number invalid?)

  •  06-17-2013, 10:21

    Studio 11 upgrade install (serial number invalid?)

    Any suggestions?  I originally started with version 7 years ago and then upgraded to 8 and then to 11 Plus/Ultimate.  My computer crashed and I'm trying to reinstall 11.  I no longer have my version 7 CD, but have the upgrade CD for 8.  It seems to take that okay as the prior version to install the upgrade CD for Version 11. 

     I enter the 10 digit code, too for the prior version (8), but when asked to put in my serial # for Version 11 it says it is invalid.

     I've tried to zero and letter O and I thing, but still nothing.  I'm reading it off the cd holder - right off the label.

     I've cleaned the registry, etc. 

    Any thoughts?  Does it have something to do with having the upgrade 8 and not my original 7 anymore?  


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