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[studio 11plus] Can't activate full bonus DVD features.

  •  05-22-2013, 2:23

    [studio 11plus] Can't activate full bonus DVD features.


    I'll describe problem as quick as I can :)
    I've installed Studio 11 plus after long pause in the other computer (Win7 SP1 x64). At the old one, Pinnacle has been unregistered after uninstallation, so the license key should be free.


    Basically, Pinnacle studio is registered - I can edit video, all functions are OK, but the problems begun when I tried to access Bonus DVD content (DVD included to the Studio package). Of course product key during the installation and first program launch was accepted.

    Transitions and all bonus contents are... Watermarked by Pinnacle. And I can't remove it, I need to click icon at the right and buy(?!) it. I've entered Help->Product registration. I see all my data, but "you aren't registered user yet. Register and you'll receive FREE addon activation key." I presume, it will be key for Bonus DVD features?


    There problems begun. I filled this form two days ago with my old email adress - I didn't receive it yet. Yesterday I've tried with my new one - same, mail didn't arrived. Is the registration disabled? I need the Bonus DVD content access...

    In the desperation act, I've opened the  PremiumPackVol2.pxm (this is file when all the bonus content data are stored?) and copied the key, added in the "Activation keys" menu. Problem again. "Activation key hasn't been generated by correct key server."



    Can anyone help me?

    Thanks already!


    P.S - sorry for my english - I'm tired a bit and it is possible I did some mistakes. I hope it will be understandable :) 

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