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GoPro cameras, etc. ...

  •  05-12-2013, 3:10

    GoPro cameras, etc. ...

    I tonight shot and uploaded to Vimeo a brief A/B comparison of the GoPro3 with / and without their ProTunes enhancement. ProTunes is supposed to deliver better image fidelity.

    And when the 2 videos are compared, it does look like there is less contrast and more shadow detail in my arms, for example. 

    BTW, If you look to the lower edge of the frame, you will see WiFi monitoring of the video -- but only in the non-Protunes mode.

    I'm told that when Protunes is used the camera is not able to also process a live feed.   

    https://vimeo.com/65988682  No Protunes

    https://vimeo.com/65985869  Protunes mode 


    (I think maybe it would be useful to have an OT thread dedicated to GoPro discussions) 

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