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Re: Studio 14 Ultimate - Invalid Serial Key

  •  04-03-2013, 2:04

    Re: Studio 14 Ultimate - Invalid Serial Key

    Thank you.  I know the serial was correct because I copied and pasted from a text document where I had it stored.  I got it working further this morning (after a reboot -I had previously run the microsoft install cleaner to remove the previous version as it was giving an error about another version being installed when I tried to remove it via control panel.).  This time it asked if I was upgrading or repair/new install.  It accepted my serial on the new install, so I guess before it was expecting an upgrade key.  But it did still error later on about not having permission to write the serial key. 

    "Error 1402. Could not open key: UNKOWN\Components\" with a lot of numbers and letters.  "Verify that you have sufficent access to that key".

    I am on windows 8 64 bit which has worked on a previous install.  I can only guess the uninstaller has left things in a bad state now. 

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