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Disappeared app!!!

  •  02-06-2013, 1:20

    Disappeared app!!!

    Can anyone help me, I have previously purchased the avid studio app and never really updated it as I was happy with the original version. Then when I had a firmware issue I had to do a reinstall for all my apps, but the avid app is no longer on the app store. After doing some research it seems they have renamed it pinnacle. But when I go to the app in the app store it does not recognise me and wants me to buy it all over again. I have contacted customer service on the main page and I just get the same response, they link me back to the support page, and tell me there is a link there to contact the relevant team. But that link just leads me back to emailing that same team who tell me they can't help me.


    Does anyone have a direct email for the app team or have they found a fox for my issue?

    I would be most greatful.





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