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What order to uninstall PS16 Ultimate components

  •  01-19-2013, 17:09

    What order to uninstall PS16 Ultimate components

    I have PS16 Ultimate installed, I want to do a complete uninstall and then reinstall with Spanish language.  The following programs show the PS Icon associated with them: Creative Pack Volume 1, Filmmakers Toolkit for Studio (Red Giant), Hollywood FX Volumes 1-3, Motion Graphics Toolkit for Studio (Red Giant), Pinnacle Studio 16, Pinnacle Studio 16 Install Manager, Pinnacle Studio 16 Standard Content Pack, Premium Pack Volumes 1-2, Scorefitter Volumes 1-2, Title Extreme.

    I also have the following that appear to have been installed when I installed the program in English:  Pinnacle Video Driver, Smartsound Common Data, Smartsound Premier Elements 10 x64 Plugin (looks like this one is linked to my Adobe Premier 10 program that was installed on the computer prior to PS16 Ultimate), Smartsound Sonic Fire Pro 5.

    Given that I will be reinstalling in Spanish, which of these programs should be uninstalled using Windows 7 Control Panel and in what order?


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