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Re: 3D AVCHD Disks

  •  12-24-2012, 3:43

    Re: 3D AVCHD Disks

    AVCHD 3D with multistream video (H264/MVC with 1920x1080 or 1440x1080) is part of the AVCHD 2 specification.

    That specification does not allow AVCHD 3D content to be written on a DVD. The reason is that the bitrate would be too high. That is why only card devices are listed as possible destination devices.

    If your AVCHD 2 player can handle playback of DVDs fast enough, you could try a workaround to create an AVCHD 2 disc:

    1)      Create an AVCHD 2 image

    2)      Select disc type AVCHD and use “Burn image” to create a DVD

    You could also use an external tool to burn the image (I would recommend ImgBurn).

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