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Re: Something Corel and Pinnacle should think about...

  •  12-11-2012, 14:36

    Re: Something Corel and Pinnacle should think about...

    This is a subject dear to my heart.

    JVC had a $ 5000.00 4K camera at the 2012 CES in Vegas A good start and not that expensive compared to my first HD camcorder in 2005.


    I just bought a Panasonic HC-X900 camera from B+H for under $700. This camera has a viewfinder and is renowned  for the outstanding video

    it puts out. I suspected that the price drop may possibly have been due to the next version handling 2 and 4k. Their new processor may just allow that.


    Power director 11 will handle 2 and 4K, I encoded some 1980x1020 to 2k and was able to play it with videolan, No playback with 4K. Both encodings were

    checked with  MEDIAINFO and proved correct.

    Hero ? the sports camera you bolt to your head, has 2 and 4K for under $ 500 albeit the frame rate for 4K is only 15 or so.


    And there is a lot of interest in 60P, I am sold on it, I feel it allows a major improvement in PQ at a small price. My BD player is a 2 year

    old Samsung, the last firmware update, to my great surprise enabled 60P playback. And most new BD players will now handle that format.

    So now we have,cameras, players and 60" displays all in 60P but NO editing software that allows the production of 60P BD's. Defending V16,

    it is possible to make a 60P BD in a round about way. And they look fine.

    Keep stirring the pot.



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