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Re: Is V16 re encoding 60P video for export to identical 60P file?

  •  12-11-2012, 13:35

    Re: Is V16 re encoding 60P video for export to identical 60P file?

    Thank you jjn,

    I have had the 900 camera ( for sale at under $700 at B+H) less than a week so yes, I did use the same 580 footage when  first working with V16.

    You are correct, it is the footage of the 900 that made me sit up and take a closer look. (And start this threat) It appears so suffer more,

    using the same test scene, perhaps crossing a visual threshold.

    In all these tests, using different cameras, I take a shot in the morning, when I get the proper shading of a shaded palm tree trunk and hold there for 10 sec.

    Then pan to a garage door across the street, it gives me the shallow grey scale. When I look at the original shot, both areas are perfectly quiet, no busy back and forth in grey scale as in

    the re-encoded version. And the individual garage door panels, clearly visible in the original shot, are mostly gone on re-encoding.


    Your point about the horizontal resolution is well taken, however in practice this appears not to be necessarily the case, as first pointed out to me by reading "camcorderinfo".

    I did check that out with some EIA 1956 !!!  resolution wedges from my past work, they top out at 800 lines,

    so I do not fill the whole screen in order to get higher, relative numbers.

    The Sony 580 has a very definite app. 10% difference and with the Panasonic 900, the difference of perhaps 25%, just pops out.

    This is in both the H and V resolution, possibly due to the digital processing. Camcorderinfo  also points out that some manufactures

    cameras show no or very little resolution difference between 60i and 60P.

    I took a look recently at camcorders for sale at Best Buy, a chain here in the US. Perhaps 15 camcorders on display, only one, at a close out price,was SD.

    However some of those handle HD as well as SD. And googling something like " video editing smart rendering 2012" shows that it is a hot subject.

    Editing is going to get more demanding. The problem as I see it, is the vast number of editing software available, B+H had a list about 4 pages long last time I looked.

    I bet that non of the producers are getting rich and thus it take a long time to fix bugs and bring major improvements.

    Thanks for the reply jjn



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