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burning 60P BD with V16

  •  11-27-2012, 12:11

    burning 60P BD with V16

    I have been playing  with V16 for a while and finally bought it on a Black Friday deal from NewEgg.The main reason was to improve the picture quality over the one I achieved with V15. There, I had to tolerate two conversions from the original

    video , 1920x1080 AVCHD to Mpeg 2 and then back again.


    According to tests by camcorderinfo and confirmed on my own Sony HDR-CX580V, shooting in 60P provides a significant increase in resolution as well as a major reduction in artifacts. In fact camcorderinfo, on some cameras tested, declared artifacts literally gone.

    Since conversion is not needed in V16 further picture improvement is obtained in the final result.

    While I do not like new, steep learning curves, the improvement in PQ makes that aspect palatable.

    The procedure used is as follows:


    1) Edit the video and export to file in the 60P mode, making sure the rendering is kept to a minimum, such as transitions etc.

    2) Using the free software TSMuxer, setting it to BluRay and mux it with chapters. (I had lots of problems with MultiAVCHD and so did others)

    3) Burn that file as a BR data disk using Roxio, Nero etc.

    I found that it plays fine, in glorious 60P on a Sony BDP-S570 and to my huge surprise on a nearly 2 year old Samsung BD-C5500C (after a firmware update).

    Taking some 60P shots out a car side window I now see only one telephone pole whizzing by instead of two, as with 60i !

    I use the  MEDIAINFO, a free  software, to confirm the steps taken in the process.


    Hopefully,  the next update of v16 will make it unnecessary to jump through all these extra hoops.


    Since the last year or so virtually all new camcorders as well as BD players come equipped with 60P. And some BD player manufacturers have 60P firmware upgrades.




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