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Re: Studio 16 Ultimate Languages Supported

  •  11-23-2012, 2:27

    Re: Studio 16 Ultimate Languages Supported

    That makes sense.  I have a number of questions regarding re-install.  Is it OK to re-install Studio 16 over the top of itself? After a re-install with a different language, will the program retain the preferences set up in the original language or is everything overwritten?  In my case the software will be installed onto an editing system in the US and then shipped to Chile.  A training video on the use of the editing computer system and the Studio 16 software will be created in the US in both English and Spanish prior to the system shipping to Chile. Given that scenario, it looks like our best bet will be to do the install in English, do the English training video, then translate that training video to Spanish (but interface shown in the video will still be in English). Then do the re-install in Spanish.  Does this seem like an appropriate sequence of events?


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