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Jinn, aspect ratio problem in V15

  •  11-21-2012, 0:33

    Jinn, aspect ratio problem in V15

    Jinn, I brought this up before with you, I assumed the video converter was at fault. Here we go again.

    I am on the lookout for a good video converter, on an other thread someone brought this up, QUOTE:  Aunsoft comes highly recommended by some people, including Lew Schatzer (Avid MC Moderator) for converting AVCHD to MPEG-2 for easier editing


    Using the AUNSOFT converter and converting AVCHD 16x9 to MPEG2 16x9, confirmed by Mediainfo, when importing to V15 only the first video in the album is 16x9 and can be changed to 4x3 but all others are stuck in 4x3. Changing any settings on the time line makes no difference.

    I remember vaguely that others have complained.

    Any thoughts? 

     The two converters in question AUNSOFT and the XILISOFT have that problem. Even with a different name and somewhat different GIF  they seem to be the same software. But why does Mediainfo and ordinary PB indicate 16x9 and V15 says NO?

    As a test I just used the 2010 ROXIO converter and there seems to be no problem.


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