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  •  11-21-2012, 0:23

    Re: Best AVCHD to MPEG2 CONVERTER ??

    Thank s VE7AXO for the pointer. Looks pretty good BUT there may be a flaw in V15 that I DID noticed before. When converting AVCHD to MPEG2 in an external program, not on V15, only the first file of a folder of videos shot in 16x9 is in that format shows as such in V15 all subsequent are 4x3.

    Project settings etc make no difference. In the album I can set the aspect ratio on the first video, on the next ones the adjustment is greyed out. Media info says all are 16x9.



    Had the same problem with the XILISOFT converter, it has some similarities to the AUNSOFT.

    But ran a test with the 2010 ROXIO converter and no such problem, conversions work fine in V15.

    Is it a converter or V15 problem?



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