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Re: Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate: found 2 problems / errors in Export

  •  10-23-2012, 9:35

    Re: Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate: found 2 problems / errors in Export


    Hello everybody,


    I've just found 2 errors in Export.

    1. I wanted to export for AVCHD/Blu-ray with custom preset. I opened the Advanced Settings dialog window and tried to change the "Image quality" option  from "Fastest speed" to "Best quality", but it was not possible to change this settings to another one. After choosing "Best quality" or "Balanced" the combo box still displays "Fastest speed".

    2. In my clip I've got the title, and then come the video scenes from video camera. I saw following problems with rendering the output files: the rendering of the title was quick, but rendering of video was slower. There are regular short artifacts ("blurrs") in result file (2-3 in every second). So I removed the title and rendered only the video scenes. The problems were gone: rendering was quick and there were no blurrs anymore. It seems the title scene makes something weird in rendering state with result of slower rendering and artifacts. Maybe it changes the quality of rendering? Anyway I tested it on Avid Studio and it worked OK. Why there are always problems with things that worked flawlessly in previous versions of any software?



    I've just come across the same issue 'fastest speed'/best quality' - the resultant output with AVCHD does not 'seem' as good as I was getting with AvSo. Noticeable difference in quality between AVCHD and MPEG2 1080 output :( from the same project especially in faces/skin tones

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