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Re: Preview doesn't show Timeline contents

  •  10-17-2012, 14:13

    Re: Preview doesn't show Timeline contents


    This is puzzling - Ive querried this with Pinnacle and they haven't heard of any issues. I was expecting the number of reports to grow, but they haven't - ans some of the contributors here don't seem to be able to reproduce.

    kcrair - have you tried a full reinstalll, including deleting the settins file?


    Well I've done another couple of editing sessions since my last post, and with no issues whatsoever :). What seemed like a show stopper within 5 mins of using the program for the first time now seems like a small 'glitch'. I did have a quick look over at the French and German forums (with the help of Google translate) and there are similar forum topics there. All rather odd. But at the moment all is well and I like the new version!! :) 

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