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Re: Timeline does not refresh to show current changes - ???

  •  10-11-2012, 14:05

    Re: Timeline does not refresh to show current changes - ???


    The first three people reporting this say they are using the trial version. Unless I've missed something Petchj and Double A haven't said either way. So it's possible this is an issue that just affects the trial.

    More data please guys ;-)


    No, sorry!! - Disk version of Ultimate . . . . 

    Thanks, that's one possible eliminated. Did you ever have the trial installed?


    No, sorry!! I've suffered from Pinnacleitus for many years and went straight to a purchased version. One other occurance I have had  is when I first opened the project I added a couple of photo's then added a 'speed/reverse' to a clip. The brown render bar appeared, and stayed there. I removed the speed, restarted Studio, re-applied the speed and all worked as one would have expected (brown bar then turns green, disappears)

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