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Re: Can Studio 14 Capture MPEG 4 Files?

  •  10-02-2012, 9:47

    Re: Can Studio 14 Capture MPEG 4 Files?

    Hi jjn

    Yes, I have already done that to see if the scene loads as one. I have discovered something else though whilst in the Import section. I am able to select the clips in that section (the converted ones, I mean) but these have precisely the same affect as the original MP4 files. They freeze Pinnacle and so obviously I don't have the option of loading clips into the program that way. It does seem strange though.

    The clip does load quicker with the scene detection turned off and has loaded as a single clip.

    I have checked the lip sync on speaking into the camera mike and it is perfect. I don't know if it might eventually run out over a long sequence though as this one was quite short.


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