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Re: Can Studio 14 Capture MPEG 4 Files?

  •  10-02-2012, 8:24

    Re: Can Studio 14 Capture MPEG 4 Files?

    Hi jjn

    I now have three clips in MediaCoder. How do I batch convert them?

    I might have worked it out. Tried Select All option and then transcode.

    Boy do they take some time to load into Pinnacle. The first clip is 13 minutes duration and has probably almost taken 13 minutes to load. I am going to have to be very patient when doing a football match.

    I suppose that there is no way of batch loading files into Pinnacle is there? Otherwise I am going to have to keep returning to see if clips have loaded before selecting the next one. I suppose I could try loading them in the import section and then selecting all.

    The clips are still spliting when loading into Pinnacle. The 13 minute clip appeared as four clips with no logical reason for it as the camera was running constantly during the 13 minute recording time with any pause/stop recording.

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