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Re: Can Studio 14 Capture MPEG 4 Files?

  •  10-02-2012, 6:43

    Re: Can Studio 14 Capture MPEG 4 Files?

    Hi jjn

    Personally, I would be prepared to pay more for an enhanced product. Studio is much more user-friendly than some of the so called premium brands like Sony Vegas Pro and Premier Pro. It also is the only program that I am aware of that can permit the runing of a real time clock from the plug in that you so kindly assisted me in locating some while ago. That is invaluable for my football videos and no other program will allow me to do that.


    I know what you say about codecs but I would have thought that it was no more expensive from a developers point of view to provide this and open up the product for some users that might not otherwise have considered it. It would be nice to have the option to pay more and acquire the necessary plug in.

    I have still to do the testing following your suggested settings for MediaCoder. I will keep you posted.

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