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Re: video with different sound levels

  •  09-08-2012, 19:11

    Re: video with different sound levels

    That seemed to work, but I could not find a way to select the whole Audio Track, I had to select each track and do as you suggested.  Now, it may be because I have broken the Audio Track where I had Video sound.  In any case I now know how to fix the problems I was having.


    Thanks for the education! 

     Another thing that drives me crazy with Studio, is that no matter how high the screen is that I am using, the full screen more than covers the screen, so that I have to scroll down to move the position pointer on the bottom of the Studio screen.  And since I have Windows with the  Task Bar set to disappear until my mouse is at the bottom of the screen, it always comes up and covers the position pointer.  Why does the screen expand so that this happens.  I have used Studio on 2 different size screens, and both had the same problem!


    It seems Studio is kinid of hard to understand some times. 



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