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Hollywood FX Vol 1 edit changes wont take effect

  •  08-05-2012, 17:04

    Hollywood FX Vol 1 edit changes wont take effect

    Need some help group.......Trying to edit a Hollywood FX Vol 1 Basic Shape  PLS-Ball Split transition to turn off the lighting option.  I can click on the transition on the timeline, select edit which brings up a pop-up for Duration/Edit... Click on edit which opens the FX editor.  I can then un-click the lighting option, play/prview in the editor (No Problems - Looks right) then either click "OK' or "Close" to go back to the timeline and nothing has changed.  Still to old stock transition with the lighting on.    From the threads I've read, if the FX editor was locked, it would not allow me to get to the FX editor screen, so confident that the editor is available.     Any and all help you can give me is appreciated.   Frustrating to need to do a simply thing and have spent a couple of hours researching and trying to make this work.  

    Thanks   Larry

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