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Re: Speed > 500%

  •  08-04-2012, 5:29

    Re: Speed > 500%

    I've used that technique (render at 5x speed, then re-render at 5x speed again) on previous projects using an SD DV camera, but for some reason I can't do that any longer using my HD camera:(.  I've got another thread looking for advice on that issue...




    Meanwhile...  Even at 30x speed, the video looks pretty smooth using your suggested technique.   I'm trying to complete a project showing me building a green screen from 16 pieces of poster board.  It was a 45 minute process, hence the need for greater than 5x speed to convey the process without putting the audience to sleep.  Currently I have the the project divided into 1 second scenes with 1 frame duration, then I apply the speed plugin at 50%.   My PC crashes when applying the speed plugin to the last 5 minute section of video.  


    I'm going to try a slightly different method to alleviate some of the strain on the PC.   I'll divide the project into 2 second scenes with 1 frame duration, then apply the speed plugin at 25%.   I'll give an update with the results...   

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