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Re: Speed > 500%

  •  08-01-2012, 7:58

    Re: Speed > 500%

    Understood...  There's no limit to how FAST a video can be made using this techniques.  However, the SLOWEST (albeit still fast) speed achievable using this technique is 30x.  This, because the lowest allowable scene subdivision is 1 second, and the lowest allowable scene duration is 1 frame.  

    Speeds between >5x and <29x can't be achieved in Pinnacle without using this technique AND the Pinnacle speed plugin together. For example, this technique allows speed 30x and up.The Pinnacle speed plugin allows speeds between 1% and 5x. By using this technique to play video at 30x speed and then applying the Pinnacle speed plugin at 50%, 15x speed can be achieved.

    I feel like there should be an easier way.  Why wouldn't Pinnacle allow up to 29x speed in the Pinnacle speed plugin? 


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