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Re: Speed > 500%

  •  07-31-2012, 22:31

    Re: Speed > 500%

    Wow! Genius!  Thank you so much for the link! 

    I started playing around with this technique and got good results using the suggested 2 second scene length with 1 frame duration. I continued testing to see what speeds I could achieve using this technique. Here's what I found... 

    1 second scene length + 1 frame scene duration = 30x speed
    2 second scene length + 1 frame scene duration = 60x speed
    4 second scene length + 1 frame scene duration = 120x speed

    I was hoping to get a speed closer to 10x, 15x, and 20x, so I tried experimenting with changing the scene duration. Duration >1 frame did slow the video down, but resulted in choppy playback.
    Is the slowest speed using this technique 30x, or am I still missing something?
    In the end, I wound up using this technique to speed my video up 30x, then applied the speed plugin to reduce the speed by 50%, resulting in 15x speed.  It worked, but it seems like there must be a better way? 
    Thanks again!


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