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Re: What's after Avid Liquid?

  •  04-14-2012, 2:50

    Re: What's after Avid Liquid?

    Yea, it's too late. I just wanted to show you that there was a much faster way for your example.

    I understand what you are saying about Liquid and MC. I was a big fan of Liquid and used it so much!

    But I had the chance to learn Avid back in 2000. So, when I crossgraded to MC in version 3.0. I was not lost at all.

    I am now so fast editing with MC. I am also now a news editor for the national channel here. So, you have to be really quick.

    There is so many ways to do the same thing. And you need to use a lot the keyboard shortcuts.

    At first, I was missing many little things from Liquid, but after some time, I realised that there was also a way (or many ways) to do these things in MC.

    Some examples:

    - In Liquid, you can select a clip in the timeline and move it with ctrl + arrow keys. In MC, you can also select the clip and move it left and right with the < and > keys. Or up and down by dragging the clips holding shif + ctrl

    - They both have slip and slide options.

    - They both have a way to use an audio timewarp. In MC, it's an audio effect in the audio suite.

    - In MC, you can snap to right a clip using ctrl + alt. In Liquid, you have to cycle through the option using alt while dragging a clip.

    - In MC, to expand a track, you have to ctrl + clic between two tracks. Or activate the tracks and use the K and L keys.

    I can go on and on. And there is other things that Liquid lacks, and a few things MC lacks, like Background rendering.


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