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AW: Re: Dolby 2CH Encoding/Decoding message

  •  04-01-2012, 4:48

    AW: Re: Dolby 2CH Encoding/Decoding message

    Hi Raff,

     i have the same problem as many others with the Dolby 2CH Encoding/Decoding.

    I already got a key from IngolfZ from the german forum but the problem is still the same. If i select to show the activation codes i see a code for "Dolby 2CH Decoding", but i still get the message about the Bolby 2CH.

    I already completly removed the software from the computer und reinstalled everthing but still the same.

    Can you please help me?

    I will send a you a PM with the necessary informations.

     Best Regards,


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