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Re: AVID STUDIO Playback Skip & Stutter

  •  03-13-2012, 5:58

    Re: AVID STUDIO Playback Skip & Stutter

    Ok everyone back to basics:

    1.  710-USB box connected to computer via USB 2.0 then to standard NTSC TV with AV Inputs.  Same setup I have been using for years for preview display (editing & playback).  Works great with S9-11

    2.  With "710"selected and the only clip in project line is Pinnacle "our backyard circus" which came from pinnacle with S11, clip previews and playback is okay with S11.  AS Playback has slips and stutters both in main monitor screen (either large or small display) and external.  Turn off external preview "710-CVBS" in settings and no problems on main monitor.

    3. With "710" selected, S11 can capture and playback recorded clip no problems.   AS capture is blank (no input shown) and when trying to cancel out of capture screen, AS crashes.  Turning off external preview "710-CVBS" in  settings and AS capture dsiplays source signal and records AV input without any problems and playback to main monitor with no problems.

    4.  Basically the setup is the same for both S11 and AS.  Same single clip.  S11 works flawlessly.  AS has problems.   Hardware has not changed. Only problem with AS playback is when External preview "710-CVBS" is activated.    If AS does not support "Output to Tape"  hence D to A via device for conversion to AVI for video tape, then kinda makes sense that making full time D/A output to preview AVI would not be supported also....    Am I wrong with this logic.    Bottom line, all things being the same S11 works and AS does not.


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