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Re: AVID STUDIO Playback Skip & Stutter

  •  03-11-2012, 18:37

    Re: AVID STUDIO Playback Skip & Stutter

    Thanks for the input Tony P.   The whole reason for this thread was to determine what was wrong with using AS vs. S11 with moviebox.  The only reason for using moviebox was to have preview on an external monitor and the video test media was the sample from Pinnacle.   If AS cannot work on the lowest grade video clip than It's a big problem for any "real" projects that I do.  

    Using a"TV" for an external monitor allosws me to view the timeline and actions during playback instead of not viewing it in full screen playback...  Yes I have already determined that I am going to have to purchase a separate video card and new monitor to be able to use an external monitor as in the past.    Obviously, AS is not downward compatible with with Pinnacle S-Series functions and Normal 0 external devices.

    Normal 0

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