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Re: MC Impressions

  •  03-07-2012, 10:32

    Re: MC Impressions


    First of all, you need a 64 bit Windows 7 Professional system. Since you did not tell me (us) what system(s) you have, I must guess.

    The question for the format is unspecific. If you have a native HD camera (like the Canon HV20 tape based), you can capture like in Liquid through the firewire. I don't have experience with AVCHD but in version 6 this has been added, maybe through AMA.

    The import formats for MC6 are limited. As said, you can not import MPEG (and other often used formats) directly in MC. You need to convert the native video first through some kind of convertor. Squeeze8, included in the MC package, can do some things for you.

    If possible, you can convert in Liquid to a format suitable for MC too.

    Remember to check your computer for the requirements. If you do not follow these requirements, than you will possibly have problems during editing. Especially when you need the hardware OpenGL options from your video cards when applying effects and filters.

    And then, there tons of tutorials for MC that will help you to get the grips on MC. Still a hard job to do, but once you managed a simple project, you will learn more each time you use MC. Not intuitive, but the hard way....

    Myself, I still have Windows XP running on a dual Xeon machine.  I'd need to upgrade the windows and the video card too.

    It doesn't seem like MC is a good fit for me the way things are going.  I'll probably need to start from scratch in a few years.

     Thanks for the update.


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