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Re: MC Impressions

  •  03-06-2012, 14:59

    Re: MC Impressions

    The first good advice is to forget Liquid.

    It's not my advice but one I followed closely and paid back.

    Once you go the way you won't come back.

    And this is what others told me and I was skeptical.

    And I was wrong.

    I would buy an XF100 from Canon.

    It's small and excellent.

    I am really deeply happy that I see my old Liquid colleagues doing great!!!

    I tried Vegas extensively. I use Adobe for mpeg editing that MC can't do it.

    Basic editing and back to MC.

    I haven't seen anything as stable as MC.

    Bugs yes but once it starts never quits.

    For hours and hours.

    This is not my impression for Vegas and PPro,

    Vegas has some excellent features and like the AVCHD better.

    However it's not even close at MC's stability,

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