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Re: Avid Headed Where?

  •  02-08-2012, 17:24

    Re: Avid Headed Where?

    thanks for writing all that -- so there's no breakdown as to products or divisions regarding their profitablity (or losses), future prospects, planned developments,  etc  ??

    The full 10K report to be filed by April will contain more information, but recent reports have not broken down enough detail to know whether any particular product is profitable or how many units sell.  The Avid website's investor relations section may keep a copy of the audio recording of the Feb. 7 presentation.  In the past, the people who participate seem to be junior people representing the funds that own some Avid shares, and some have no first-hand knowledge of any of the products, but simply track Avid as an element in some tech index.  The only recent product announcement of note is the iPad version of Avid Studio.  No word of any Android version or whether a Windows 8 version will have a tabloid-friendly interface.  Most of the other "news" discusses ways Avid is trying to make MC or other commercial video tools compatible with Apple stuff.  The CEO has not issued any pronouncement about AS checkmarks.  I imagine he barely ponders the consumer NLE division at all.  A business presentation at an investor conference a few months ago did not forecast significant growth for consumer NLE stuff.  Most resources are focused on commercial video products, followed by audio products.  Maybe the money to develop the iPad AS product is what management decided (out of spite?) NOT to spend on a Windows AS V1.2 patch with the fixes or the hotly-contested checkmark request.  Very likely, there will be an iPad3 or other patches for the iOS product before anything else.  Some of the senior marketing and product people like Apple stuff and may be closet FCPX fans or agents.

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