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Re: Studio 14. Unable to burn a DVD+R DL disc

  •  02-04-2012, 13:38

    Re: Studio 14. Unable to burn a DVD+R DL disc

    Thanks for your reply.  Below are the answers to your comments:

    The LegacyMode.txt and DLL file replacement described in this thread are related to a particular problem when creating double layer discs - your posted screen shot shows that you are tryiong to create a single layer (max 4.7GB) disc.

                 I did not know this, and did not see an explanation of it!

    What you appear to have is a failure to compile the project (the error message in your screen shot appears to be referring to one of the temporary files that are created while Studio is rendering the project and before it moves on to creating the structure to burn on a disc.

    Possible things to try:
    1. Do "Delete auxiliary files" and try the "create disc" again  - I already tried this!

    2. If that also fails, then examine your project carefully (zoom in on the timeline and look for errors that could cause the rendering to fail): - & i. Gaps in the timeline (if any are found, close them)  

                I can'f find anything, but I tried creating a new project, and it worked.  So there must be something wrong with this one.

    ii. Chapter markers in the wrong place, resulting in parts of the movie being "unreachable" (for example, if the first chapter of your movie (linked to the "Play movie" button in your main menu) had got shifted to the right a little.  -

               no chapters. I have not figured how to do this yet!

    iii. Something wrong with a menu - especially if you have made your own menus or customised the stock ones - are there any buttons overlapping or too close togrther, a "Next" button with out a "Previous" button (or vice versa), more than 18 active buttons on a page)  

               I have not figured this out yet either!

    3. Problem with a video clip (for example, are there any that seem to show issues like dropped frames when previewing/editing)

    IIRC the Avid knowledge base has several FAQs relating to problems when making discs 

                            Could the problem be the audio tracks?  When I load the project, I get messages about audio files that it can't find.  But when I play the movie on the Studio screen, they play ok!

                           Finally, where can I get a simple explanation of Studio 14.  I am new to this, and do not know the terms, where files are stored (Studio seems to have it's own ideas), and generally how the program works.  I have tried searching the FAQs, but don't even know what to ask for!


    Thanks again. 

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