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Two camera edit with Pinnacle Studio 14?

  •  01-15-2012, 17:13

    Two camera edit with Pinnacle Studio 14?

    I'm trying to edit from two cameras, I have a sync point ( hand clap), and the cameras never stopped. Audio was recorded separately. 

     I want to edit these two together. My strategy was to find the sync point, cut clips at that point, and have the same time code for the two clips making editing from one to the other easy. But, it seems there is no way to reset the TC as it stays with the original TC. 

    I don't need to see both cameras at the same time, but would like to use TC to easily find in and out points. I could calculate TC differences with a calculator, but that would be tedious.

     Any ideas, or a different strategy for editing a two- camera shoot? 

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