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Re: question about "VCR input" checkbox

  •  11-22-2011, 4:19

    Re: question about "VCR input" checkbox

    I had never heard of "VCR Input". I have the USB-510 and all I do is just change the capture source to capture either from RCA or Firewire.
    "VCR input" was a driver feature (sic!)  found in pre S14 versions for ANALOGUE captures on the USB5xx and USB7xx boxes only  ........................ as features go this was a useless thing - most all analogue captures at the time required that tick-box to be selected else severe tearing was evident on the captured material (some installations however were blessed to not experience this "tearing" effect no matter the setting)

    I have fought many Pinnacle guys about this and eventually they saw the light and removed it from S14 onwards (in effect having hidden the already-selected "VCR-input" tick-box in the drivers) .................. iow if you never used the USBxxx under S12 and earlier you wouldn't know about it at all.


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