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Re: Ordering media in chronology, not by type and folder

  •  11-16-2011, 15:05

    Re: Ordering media in chronology, not by type and folder

    I believe I have found a solution. I am a software developer, and unfortunately for all, it requires a custom application:

    1. Name all media with a base name such as YYYYMMDDhhmmss.ext  This is where the custom app is required, to take and base this rename upon the date taken. This requires accessing media metadata, and so can be a bit tricky. In my case this is JPG, MOV, and M2TS. Also, as each source is brought in, there are deviations on the clocks of various cameras on the timestamps within the media, so per-source-folder, a way to apply a time correction used in the resulting file names.
    2. Bring the disparate media together via collection (allows mixing of bitmaps and video in a single source).
    3. Sort the collection by name
    4. Drag all media from the collection onto the timeline.

    Violla!  All media from various cameras, folders, and media types brought together chronologically on the timeline.

    Would really be awesome if the library could do more of this task for us, especially the parts that require an external application.

    If you think a feature like this could help you, please at least post an affirmative reply so it's value can be seen by AS.

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