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How? L-Cuts & J-Cuts

  •  11-05-2011, 13:51

    How? L-Cuts & J-Cuts

    This has probably been asked, but I looked and could not find it. In fact when I search it always matches on Pinnacle Studio, and the answer is to lock the audio track before doing a cut. Can't see how to lock audio independently in Avid Studio.

    The best I've been able to figure is to split a clip, drag a portion to another track (which always seems to cause a slight time slide, which introduces a glitch in the audio!) and twiddle the audio out level on the two tracks. AS should be a step up from Pinnacle, so there's got to be an easier way to do it (albeit different) that I just don't see??? 

    L-Cuts and J-Cuts are pretty basic stuff, one of the first thing learned in community TV studio classes.

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